How do I manage Test Types in ForneyVault®?

Table of Contents

  1. Creating New Tests Types

  2. Edit Existing Test Types
  3. Delete existing Test Types

Creating New Test Types

  1. After logging into ForneyTools, select Specimen from the top navigation menu then choose Tests.

  2. From the Tests Types page, Select Create New.

  3. Type the description of the new test type. Include the desired test name and description, followed by the Specimen Type and test type that will be used. Finally select Preload, Break Percentage, Positive Ramp Rate, End condition, and End Condition Value. When ready to save click the Create button.

  4. Your new Test Type will appear on the Test Types index page under the selected specimen type and will be available on the HMI when testing a specimen of the type created.


Edit Existing Test Types


  1. To Edit an existing Test Type select the edit  () icon. 
  2. Update any fields desired.

  3. When ready select Save to record your changes. 


Delete Existing Test Types


  1. To Delete an existing Test Type select the Delete ( ) icon. 
  2. Accept the delete confirmation to delete the selected Test type.