How do I create a set of specimens in ForneyVault®?

In ForneyVault, a set is a group of specimens under a sample that are all tested at the same age.


The are two reasons ForneyVault divides a sample into sets:

  1. Sets of specimens are typically placed in different areas of the curing room or in different curing tanks.
  2. The machine is aware that specimens in a set are related and provides appropriate feedback as those specimens are tested on the same day.


After creating a sample in ForneyTools, the Create SampleSet page is displayed. The first five steps in these instructions get you to that same location. 


  1. After logging into ForneyTools, click the Samples link on the left navigation menu.
  2. Select the Sample to which you need to add the new Specimens and select +Add Detailed Set & Specimens from the bottom of the page. 


  3. You will now be able to create individual Age to Break specimens. Once all required information is entered select Submit to save your Set & Specimens.

  4. Select + Quick Add SampleSet & Specimens to create multiple Age to Break specimens at one time.

    1. NOTE: + Quick Add SampleSet & Specimens is only available if there are currently no sets or specimens in the sample.

  5. Once all required information is entered select Submit to save your Sample and Sets & Specimens created.

      1. Quick Add will allow you to create multiple specimens by simply entering a list of specimens by Break Age, separated by commas. In the above example, ForneyTools will create (2) 7-day cylinders, (2) 28-day cylinders and (2) Hold cylinders.
  6.   The newly added specimens will be listed in the Sets & Specimens Overview pane.