How does the approval workflow work in ForneyVault®?

ForneyTools® allows you to approve reports from your data in ForneyVault, allowing for trackable, accurate results to be shared with your organization and customers.



Please see How do I generate reports in ForneyVault®? for instructions to generate reports.


  1. After logging into ForneyTools, click the Reports link on the left navigation menu.
  2. Select Approval Workflow.

  3. From the Report Workflow page, you will be able to view all reports created.

    1. Report Type: This option allows you to filter reports by Sample or Specimen reports.
    2. Status: This option allows you to filter reports by their status:
      1. Created: Reports that have been created but not submitted. 
      2. Submitted: Reports that have been submitted for approval.
      3. Approved: Reports which have been approved by an authorized approver. 
      4. Superseded: Reports that have been updated and have a newer version created. 
      5. Rejected: Reports that have been rejected by an authorized approver. 
    3. Project: This option allows you to filter reports by Project number.
    4. Sample: This option allows you to filter reports by Sample number.
  4. Select the View button to the right of the report you would like to manage. 

    1. Submit: This button submits the report to an approver.
    2. Update: This button updates the report with changes you made to the sample. 
    3. Delete: This button deletes the report. 

Approve Report

  1. Select the View button on a Submitted report to open the report. 

  2. Select the action required for the chosen report:
    1. Approve: Approve the submitted report. 
      1. Select Confirm to add your electronic signature and approval. 

    2. Reject: Rejects the submitted report. You will be prompted to provide a rejection reason so that the submitter understands why the report was rejected.
    3. Delete: Deleted the submitted report. 
  3. Select the Close button at the bottom of the report window to close the report window.