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June 17, 2021 - Use Two Labs to Enable Split Sample Testing

Every project is associated with a lab. However, you can also designate a lab at the sample or set level.


There are several reasons to utilize split sample testing:

  • It can be used to evaluate the performance of two labs within the same company as a quality control process.
  • It can also be used by an asset owner or general contractor for quality assurance to compare two independent labs.
  • It can be used for research to compare different equipment, processes, or methods among multiple locations.


There are two ways to utilize split sample testing:

  1. You can have two (or more) labs test different samples of the same pour.  Each sample is assigned to the lab that will be doing the tests, but multiple samples can be assigned to multiple labs.
  2. With an individual sample, sets of cylinders can be assigned to different labs.  So the same sample of concrete can be split among two or more labs.

Each lab's machine will display only the specimens assigned to that lab, but all samples for the project will be available in ForneyVault for analysis. Within ForneyTools, you simply choose your desired lab when creating the sample or set.

At the sample level:

At the set level: