Lock Specimens in ForneyTools

If there's a need to hold a specimen that is scheduled to be tested, you can lock it using ForneyTools.


Sometimes, the test date on a specimen needs to be changed, or there is a problem that requires further investigation, but the specimen in question is already scheduled to be tested. An authorized user can quickly lock that specimen to prevent it from being tested - and lost forever. Once a plan of action is determined, the specimen can be unlocked and tested as needed.


By logging into ForneyTools and drilling down to the specimen in question, an authorized user can edit the specimen, check the box to lock it, and click save:

At the machine, the specimen will no longer appear in the specimen list. If your lab uses labels and a scanner, they would get an alert when they scan the specimen that says, "Specimen has been locked in ForneyVault.  It must be unlocked to test."