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September 19, 2021 - Several Changes to Sample Data and Help Added in ForneyTools

Expected strength added at the sample level will propagate to sets where expected strength is null/blank; users can export samples missing expected strength; some sample data fields have been re-ordered; and ForneyTools Help has been added.


Consistent use of expected strength will enable users to determine if tests are reaching the desired outcome. Additionally, Forney will use expected strength in our forthcoming "Alerts" feature that can notify users if a test has met or missed expected strength. 

The enhancements for easy access to knowledge base articles are intended to increase visibility of help articles and product updates.


Populating Expected Strength in ForneyTools

  1. Users can define expected strength at the sample level, and that value will automatically propagate to related set and specimen records where values are null/blank.
  2. Sample expected strength will be a required field as indicated by the red asterisk, but users may opt-out by setting expected strength to "Not Used." 
  3. When users enter a sample's expected strength, ForneyTools will notify users that the value will propagate to related child sets and specimens where the expected strength is null/blank.
  4. Sample page fields will be re-ordered. Fields for Supplier, Concrete mix, and Expected Strength will be conveniently located under the Batch Time field towards the top of the page.
  5. For detailed ForneyTools instructions, please refer to the article on how to create a new sample

Exporting Samples without Expected Strength

  1. The Export feature will include a new option to export Samples that are missing expected strength values.  Users may refer to the export to quickly determine where expected strength data may need to be updated/added.
    For detailed ForneyTools instructions, please refer to the article on exporting samples with missing expected strength. 

Getting Help & Product Update Info

  1. The top-level menu will include a new "?" help icon next to the account avatar icon. The help icon will link you to the existing Knowledge Base.

  2. The top-level About menu item will include a link to product updates.