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April 29, 2021 - Selectable Cure Conditions to Distinguish Standard vs. Field Curing

You can create curing conditions for any specimen type in ForneyTools and then assign that condition to a set of specimens.


The curing conditions are important for various reasons, here are some:

  • Standards typically require you to report the curing method of your specimens.
  • Field cured specimens are typically used to determine if a structure is ready for critical operations.
  • Standard cured specimens are used to determine concrete acceptance - field cured specimens are not.
  • Some research applications cure specimens under different conditions to compare concrete performance under those various conditions.


In ForneyTools, start by going to "Specimen | Specimen Cure Conditions" to create curing conditions for your specimen types.

Once you have your curing conditions created, you can assign one to any set of specimens.