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May 20, 2021 - Customize Your ForneyTools Workspace by Choosing a Default Sort Order

When you choose to sort the data on any page in ForneyTools, your choice will be retained the next time you navigate to that page.


Depending on how you identify projects, locations, or samples, the default sort on those pages might make it tedious to find your most recent work. You could always click on a column to re-sort the page, but doing that every time you visit the page can be frustrating. ForneyTools now remembers the sort you used the last time you visited the page, so the information you want is shown immediately - without any extra clicks.


This feature is automatic - there's nothing for you to do but choose your desired sort column and order.  One click sorts in ascending order.  Two clicks sorts in descending order.  The last click is stored in your user settings for the next visit to that page. Any column header that is blue can be selected as the sorted column. As shown below, the "Sample Date" column was clicked once to sort in ascending order, then clicked again for descending order. The list of samples from any location will now be sorted in descending order.