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June 3, 2021 - Mark Suppliers or Mixes as Inactive

Over time, things change. Suppliers buy, sell, or merge with each other. Mixes become obsolete. Now you can mark suppliers or mixes as inactive so that they don't clutter your ForneyTools workflow.


The longer you work with ForneyTools, the more you accumulate information that you don't use on a daily basis. The information is still important and needs to be maintained, but it doesn't need to be part of your normal testing workflow. You could always mark projects as "closed" to reduce the list. Now you can mark suppliers and mixes as inactive, too. They'll still appear in the samples that used them, but they won't appear in the list of choices when creating a new sample.


Navigate to "Admin | Suppliers" or "Admin | Concrete Mix" to view the current list. Click the "Edit" link to the right of any supplier or mix, uncheck the "Active" status, and click "Save." You can even hide the inactive suppliers and mixes from the main index.