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May 13, 2021 - Machine Auto Preload Feature Calculates Based on Sample History

A ForneyVault machine's Auto Preload function will use previous test results along with design strength to determine the proper setting.


When you test specimens of different sizes, strengths, and ages, the preload - the first half of the test - setting needs to be changed for almost every specimen. With a ForneyVault connected machine and the Auto Preload function, the machine determines this setting for you. There's no need to look at paperwork for the mix design, research past results, or waste time by choosing a "safe" low number every time. Since a ForneyVault machine is a Smart Machine, it does the research and calculations for you, automatically performing the test correctly and efficiently.


Since a ForneyVault machine is aware of what it is testing, it knows the history of a sample. When you test any specimen, the machine will look for other specimens from the same sample that were already tested. It will then determine the proper preload based on those results. If there are no tested specimens from that sample, the machine will use the expected strength and age to determine the proper preload. All of this happens without requiring the technician to do anything - simply identify the specimen and press Start Test.