Search and Print Labels by Sample

Sometimes you need to find a sample or print a label without knowledge of the project information - now you can!


When it comes to testing, the sample is king. The sample number is written on cylinders, and all of the field tests are related to the sample. In many cases, this is the only information a technician knows. Therefore, having the ability to search directly for a sample, or to print labels for specific samples is a real time saver.


The newly added ability to search for a sample has taken center stage - right on the home page. It's the first thing you see when you login to ForneyTools. To use it, simply start typing the sample number, and a list of possible choices appears:

When it comes to printing labels, instead of choosing a project and location, you can simply choose "All Projects" and skip right to the sample choice. When you click on the Sample dropdown, you can start typing the sample number you want and the list will present all possible choices for the date range you selected: