How to exclude an invalid Specimen from reports?

Occasionally, a sample may be identified as failed due to a defect in the specimen or a flawed test. ForneyVault provides you the ability to exclude a specimen's results from the calculations in the sample report.

Note:  The specimen is not taken out of the report. Instead, it is labeled as excluded and its outcome is not factored into the strength calculations.


  1. Select the Sample that contains the tested specimen from the Samples menu and select the Manage Sample () button to edit the Sample. 
  2. Enable DetailView to view the desired Set. 

  3. Select the Edit () button on the affected Specimen to edit its properties.
  4. Click in the Status Codes field and select Excl From Report in the dropdown to exclude the specimen results in the Sample report.

  5. After submitting your changes by selecting Submit, the specimen will display the updated Status Code.

  6. When creating a Sample report the results will be excluded from final calculations.