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How Does the ForneyVault + Stonemont Integration Work

Check out this quick demo video to see the Stonemont integration workflow and data transfers.

The StonemontQC software includes a powerful concrete mix design and quality control software program for concrete producers. ForneyVault's comprehensive integration with StonemontQC automates and streamlines the lab workflow process of performing compressive and flexural strength testing.  StonemontQC sends cylinder, cube, and beam information to ForneyVault so the specimens are ready for testing at the lab's break machine.  When testing is complete, ForneyVault automatically communicates the measurements and strength results directly into StonemontQC.  This integration greatly reduces the time and errors involved in initializing specimens and retrieving results from the break machine. 


Abount Stonemont

Stonemont Solutions develops quality control and mix design software for the construction materials industry.  Our integrated software product for aggregate, asphalt, and concrete is used at over 4000 plants in North America. We offer desktop, server, enterprise, and hosted editions that easily scale from the single plant operator to the largest producers. Our server, enterprise, and hosted editions are centrally managed for real-time access and analysis of your products. Stonemont Solutions has been in business for over 20 years and we are your trusted partner for quality control and mix design software.