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November 29, 2021 - How Does ForneyTools Reporting Workflow Work?

ForneyTools Report Generation and Workflow features are accessible from the top navigation menu under Reports.

Report Workflow Help Guide:  Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How to Enroll
  3. Feature Overview
  4. Report Workflow Process Overview
  5. Report Approval Workflow Permissions
  6. Report Status & State Overview
  7. Setting up Your Profile for E-Signature
  8. Generating a New Report
  9. Updating a Report Before Submitting for Approval
  10. Approval Workflow Dashboard
  11. Submitting a Report for Approval
  12. Approving a Report
  13. Creating a New Version of an Approved Report
  14. Rejecting a Report
  15. Deleting a Report
  16. Downloading Reports

1 Introduction

ForneyTools Reports Generator and Approval Workflow is a new capability that replaces the legacy PDF report generator available under top menu Import/Export->Reports.


The new Reports experience replaces legacy Import/Export->Reports


We recommend that your organization establish unique logins per user if you want to enroll in the new capability.  You will then be able to segregate report workflow function responsibilities by applying permissions for view, create, and approve.

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2 How to Enroll

ForneyTools users will continue to have access to the legacy Import/Export->Reports until enrolled in the new capability.  To request access to the new Reports Generator and Approval Workflow, please reach out to Forney support.  Our team will work with you to ensure that you have the appropriate user accounts and permissions before your access is enabled.

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3 Feature Overview

With ForneyTools Reporting, you can:

  • Generate Forney sample and specimen PDF reports from Forney machine CMT data
  • Initiate report workflow
  • Electronically sign approved specimen and sample reports before distributing
  • Collaborate with team members during the approval process
  • Control report versions and statuses
  • Electronically distribute report PDF files
  • Organize and store reports in ForneyVault
  • Enforce and control user workflow permissions
  • Gain peace of mind knowing that you are working with the correct report

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4 Report Workflow Process Overview

The report generation and workflow process consists of various stages to help you update, version, approve, sign and delete unneeded reports. The following actions and workflow describe the process:

  1. Generate a new sample or specimen report.
  2. Update the report if you realize that you need to update some information in ForneyTools after generating the report.  Make the necessary data entry changes in ForneyTools and run the update function from the report viewer.
  3. Delete unapproved reports if you determine that you created them in error and do not need them. You can run the delete function in the report viewer.
  4. Submit the report for review and approval.
  5. Approve and e-sign the report,
  6. Reject an approval request. You may add comments to indicate your reject reason to the requester. Rejected reports will be labeled/watermarked as rejected. You can then create a new version of the report.
  7. Generate a new version of an approved report. This action will start the workflow process again. Once a new version is approved, prior versions will be labeled and watermarked as superseded.


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5 Report Approval Workflow Permissions

ForneyTools login accounts can be assigned with varying levels of permissions for the new Report Generator and Approval Workflow capability.   The Forney support team will configure your login account permissions when they enroll you in Report Approval Workflow.  Please note that the permission levels do not apply to the legacy Import/Export->Reports PDF creator.

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6 Report Status & State Overview

Users may search and manage reports for the Report Approval Workflow dashboard, which conveniently displays the report's status and state values:

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7 Setting up Your Profile for E-Signature

Before you get started with Report Approval Workflow, ensure that you have uploaded an image file of your signature. You will need this if you plan to approve and sign reports using the Approval Workflow capability.

Go to the avatar icon in the top-right menu and select Profile:

You can update your profile details from the profile menu, including your credentials/title and signature image file, which you can upload. You can store your title, PE (professional engineer) status, or both in the Credentials/Title field.

Your name, title, and signature will be automatically added to specimen and sample PDF reports when you approve them.


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8 Generating a New Report

Go to Reports in the top navigation menu.


Select Generator to create a new report.

Complete the required fields. If a report exists for that sample, the system will indicate if a version already exists. The page will display a link to view the existing report: Version <#> Created for Approval.



If a report does not exist, the system will provide a link to Create Report for Approval.


After the report generates, the Report Viewer will display the report.  You can then start Workflow actions: Submit for Approval, Update, Delete.


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9 Updating a Report Before Submitting for Approval

If you generate a new report or report version, you may subsequently determine that you need to edit or add information in ForneyTools for Project, Location, Sample, Set, or Specimen.  You have the option to Update a Created status report instead of rejecting it or starting over. Edit/add information as needed within ForneyTools and run an Update from the viewer.  Updated reports have a status of completed.

Note: Reports that have been submitted for approval or previously approved may not be updated.  Complete any updates before starting the approval workflow.


After you complete updates in ForneyTools, open the report in the viewer and select Update.


The system will alert you that the report update has been completed.  The report's status will persist as completed.

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10 Approval Workflow Dashboard

You can conveniently access reports via the Reports->Approval Workflow dashboard.   The dashboard is accessible from ForneyTools Reports top navigation menu.  Users can filter items in the dashboard by report type, status, data, project, and sample.  The dashboard indicates the report version, status, and state

You can open a report in the viewer from the dashboard by selecting the View link in the right-most column of the report row.


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11 Submitting a Report for Approval

You can submit newly created reports or new report versions for approval.  The Report Viewer will display three workflow options for the approved report: Approve, Reject, Delete.  Only users with approval permissions will have access to these workflow tasks. You should select Approve if the report is complete and meets your requirements.  At that time, your name, title, and signature will be added to the report.


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12 Approving a Report

To approve a report, select Approve and Confirm from the report viewer.


The report will then display in the Report Viewer as "Report Approved."  Your profile info and electronic signature will be included in the report.


The Reports->Approval Workflow dashboard will now show the report as Approved with a Green Lock state, meaning the report is closed for further workflow.

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13 Creating a New Version of an Approved Report

To create a new version of an approved report, open the report in the viewer and select Create. The latest version will then be at the Submit stage of the workflow.  When the new version of the report is approved, the previous version status will change to superseded.


Find and View an Approved Report.

Select the Create button,


Change Design Age if needed and select Confirm.

A new version is created and displayed in the viewer. You can then begin workflow actions for the latest version.


A new version is created and displayed in the viewer.  You may then choose to Submit, Update, or Delete the latest version.

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14 Rejecting a Report

Report approvers have the option to reject approval requests.  The approver user may provide a reject reason, which is visible to the report creator.  Report creators can create a new report version from the rejected report.  


To reject a report approval submission, open the report in the viewer and select the Reject button.


Enter an optional Reject Reason message.



ForneyTools sets the report status to rejected in the viewer and the Approval Workflow dashboard.



Users may create a new version of the rejected report. Open the report in the viewer and select Create.  


Enter an optional Design Age and select Confirm.

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15 Deleting a Report

Delete an unapproved report if you determine the report is not needed. You can run the delete function in the report viewer.  Reports that are in the created or unapproved submitted state can be deleted.  Note: Approved reports cannot be deleted.


Open the report in the viewer and select Delete.


The system will prompt you to Confirm deletion.  Choose Confirm to complete the deletion.

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16 Downloading Reports

To download a report, select the checkbox(es) in the report row.  A download link will appear in the top left of the dashboard list.  Click the Download <#> Report link to save files locally.  If you select multiple reports, the system will zip them into a single file.


A system message will indicate that deletion was successful.

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