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November 29, 2021 - Introducing | Digital Report Approval Workflow

Experience streamlined, cloud-based CMT reporting. Create & efficiently manage reports from approval and e-signing to stakeholder distribution.


  • Organize and securely store reports in ForneyVault
  • Collaborate with team members during report reviews
  • Control report versions and status
  • Gain peace of mind knowing that you are working with the correct report
  • Electronically sign approved specimen and sample reports before distributing


The ForneyVault Digital Report Approval Workflow is an extension of the Reporting feature. The new Workflow capability enables users to:

  • Generate sample and specimen PDF reports
  • Initiate report workflow
  • Electronically sign approved reports
  • Electronically distribute report PDF files
  • Store reports in ForneyVault
  • Enforce and control user workflow permissions: 
    • Generate/update/delete
    • Request approval
    • Approve/reject

Users may search and manage reports via the Report Approval Workflow dashboard, which conveniently displays the report's status and state values:

Report Status Values
Superseded by new version
Report State
Locked for edit
Open for additional workflow action





Report Workflow Process



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