How Do I use The Specimen Calendar Tracker?

This tool helps with resource management by aiding in planning and ensuring timely completion of tests.

Table of Contents

  1. Accessing Test Due Calendar 
  2. Reviewing Test Due Data Using Calendar

Accessing Test Due Calendar 

  1. Select Dashboard from the left-hand menu. 

  2. Select the Schedule button at the top of the Specimen Test Status tool.

  3. From the Calendar review, you can review your specimens ready to test. 

    Number Description
    1 Date Selector allows you to select the dates 
    2 Change Calendar view to Day selected or Month selected
    3 Revert to Chart view
    4 Maximize the Calendar view

Reviewing Test Due Data Using Calendar

  1. From the Calendar view select the number displayed under the date desired to review. 

  2. Review the specimens due to test in the Specimens Test Due page. 

  3. Select the first drop-down option to view the Ready to Test or Recently Tested specimens for the selected date. 

  4. Select the second drop-down option to change the specimen criteria for the Selected date.