How do I track Concrete Mixes in ForneyVault?

You can assign concrete mixes to your samples for mix design analysis.

Create Admixtures

  1. After logging into ForneyTools, from the main menu, select Resources from the Main navigation menu on the left, then select Concrete Mixes.

  2. From the Concrete Mixes page Select +  New Concrete Mix.

  3. Please input your preferred Concrete Mix information and remember to specify the corresponding Supplier

    Mix Name Name of mix to be created Description Optional information of the Concrete Mix
    Active Allow Mix to be chosen when creating Samples  Supplier Entity supplying the concrete mix
    Slump Spec Slump specification  Slump Tol Slump Tolerance recorded as +/- Slump spec Variance
    Entrained Air Spec Entrained Air specification Entrained Air Tol Entrained Air tolerance recorded as +/- Entrained Air Spec Variance
    Max Water/Cement Ratio The max weight of the water used for a given weight of the cementitious materials. Design Strength Max strength of the concrete mix.
    Design Age Age concrete reaches max strength    
  4. Select Save to finish. 
  5. Your new Concrete Mix will now be selectable when creating or editing a Sample.