How do I manage Specimen Types in ForneyVault®?

In an effort to streamline the management of specimens in your ForneyVault any unused specimen types can be hidden from view. Helping to reduce time and increase the accuracy of testing data by only presenting valid types for Users to choose from.

Managing Specimen Types

  1. After logging into ForneyTools, select Specimen from the top menu, then choose Type List.

  2. From the Specimen Types page, select the entry you wish to hide from Users by selecting the edit () button.

  3. Once selected, check the box under the Hidden column to exclude the specimen type from all menu items in ForneyVault.    

  4. Select the Save () button to record changes or the Delete () button to discard changes. 
  5. Once checked the Hidden fields will be labeled as True indicating they are hidden from users to select when creating Samples.