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How do I manage Testing Machine Users in ForneyVault®?

In order to associate technicians with test results, you need to create HMI Users in ForneyTools. HMI stands for Human Machine Interface and identifies the ForneyLink® touchscreen that connects the machine to ForneyVault.

ForneyLink touchscreen HMI

To manage a ForneyLink User your ForneyVault User account must have Write permissions. Please contact your company's ForneyVault User administrator or Forney support to grant you the permissions needed.

Table Of contents

  1. Adding a new User.
  2. Editing an existing User.
  3. Deleting an existing User.

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Adding a New User: 

  1. After logging into ForneyTools, select Admin from the Top navigation menu followed by the ForneyLink Users option. 

  2. To add a User select the +New ForneyLink User button.

  3. Complete the following required fields:
    1. Name: Please input the User's first, middle, and last names, followed by User initials.  All of these fields are required, except the middle name.
    2. Username: This will be displayed on the ForneyLink Touchscreen HMI attached to your machine, so it should be meaningful to the person logging in.   
    3. Password: Passwords are not required and for ease of logging in at the machine, we do not recommend using them. If you keep the field blank, the technician simply chooses his or her name from a dropdown list - no typing required.
    4. Lab Name: This identifies the lab where the machine resides. For companies that have multiple labs, this field designates which technicians can login to the machine at each lab. If a technician needs to login at multiple labs, use the default "- None -" and the technician username will appear on all machines at all labs.
    5. Set User as Active (User is active by default when the account is created).
    6. User Code: This is an optional field sometimes used by 3rd party software connected to ForneyVault.
    7. Email to be associated with any reports, if desired.
  4. Select the Save button () to save changes. 

Edit an existing Users

  1. To Edit a User select the () icon to the right of the User record. 
  2. Update any fields desired.
  3. Select the Save button () to save changes. 

Delete an existing User. 

  1. To Delete a User select the () icon to the right of the User record. 
  2. Select OK to delete the record. 

  3. If you want to remove a technician's name from the ForneyLink Login Prompt, but that technician has performed tests in the past, the User cannot be deleted. In this case, the User should be marked as not Active by editing the ForneyLink User account (see above) and removing the Active check mark.



  • Deleting a user CANNOT be undone. 
  • Users who have reports associated with their record CANNOT be deleted. These Users can only be set as Not Active. The Delete () icon will be missing from their record to avoid erroneous deletions.