How do I export specimens that have not been tested in ForneyVault®?

This report will provide a list of specimens in a User specified sample date range that have yet to be tested.

  1. After logging into ForneyTools, click the Data Mgmt link on the left navigation menu then select Export Untested Specimens 

  2. Select the search criteria you wish to include in the report.
    1. Lab: Select an individual lab or all labs under your company to search.
    2. Export Untracked: Select to include any untracked specimens which match your search criteria.
    3. Sample Date Start and Sample Date End: Select the time frame to search FoneyVault's database. A time frame MUST be selected to generate the report. 
    4. Specimen Type: Select a specific specimen type to include in your report. Since different specimen types contain different information (i.e., a cylinder contains diameter but a beam does not), you must choose a Specimen Type in order to generate the report.
    5. Project ID: Optional - Select to filter by all Project IDs or a specific Project ID in the selected sample date range.
    6. Location Name: Optional - Select to filter by a specific Location in the selected Project.
    7. Sample Number: Optional - Select to filter by a specific Sample.
    8. Set Number: Optional - Select to filter by a specific Set in the selected Sample.
    9. Specimen Number: Optional - Select to filter by a specific Specimen in the selected Set.
  3. The Sample Count field will display the matching records found in ForneyVault. 
  4. To generate an Excel document containing your records select Export.