How do I enter a masonry grout prism?

A grout prism is not really a cube or beam, and it's definitely not a cylinder, so how do I enter one?

Both the testing machine and ForneyTools support grout prism specimen type as of the July 2021 product update. The Grout Prism type is available in the type list and set to Hidden by default. Go to "SpecimenSpecimen Type List" in the top navigation menu.



To use Grout Prism, select the Specimen Type List Edit button at the bottom of the page. Once in edit mode, uncheck the Hidden box for Grout Prism, and select Save.



You can now use Grout Prism when creating Default Specimens. Go to "Specimen | Default Specimens" in the top navigation menu.



Choose Create New link from the top of the Default Specimen page.



Enter specimen Description and set Specimen Type to Grout Prism.


Enter the Grout Prism dimensions and select the Create button.


Grout Prism can be used when creating a Set under Project->Sample. Set Specimen Type to Grout Prism.