How do I create a new sample?

The third level of the ForneyVault hierarchy is the sample.

The sample is the core of the system. All wet concrete test data is recorded here, and specimens are cast from a sample. The sample date and time are critical for testing. Follow these steps to create a sample:

  1. After logging into ForneyTools, click the Project Home link.CreateSample0
  2. From the list of projects on the project index page, click on the project to which you want to add this new sample. Click here if you want to learn how to add a new project.CreateSample1
  3. From the list of locations within your selected project on the location index page, click on the location to which you want to add this new sample. Click here if you want to learn how to add a new location.CreateSample2
  4. On the sample index page, click Create New Sample.CreateSample3
  5. The first required field is Sample Number. This is typically what you would write on your cylinders with a marker to identify them in the curing room/tank. The Sample Number is also displayed at the machine when choosing and testing a specimen.CreateSample4
  6. Sample Expected Strength is a required field unless users opt-out by setting expected strength checkbox to “Not Used.”   Data fields for Expected Strength are located under the Batch Time, Supplier,  and Concrete mix fields.
  7. The Sample Expected Strength value will propagate to child sets and specimens where the child set expected strength is null/blank.  When users enter an expected strength, ForneyTools will notify users that the value will propagate to related child sets and specimens where expected strength is null/blank.  If a Sample's Set and Specimen records contain a previously entered Expected Strength, that value will remain unchanged.

  8. The only other required field is Sample Date. Sample Date is used to determine the age of specimens so that they are displayed on the correct day at the machine. When you click the field a calendar will popup.CreateSample5
  1. When you choose a date on the calendar, the current time will default. In order to change the time, click on the clock icon at the bottom of the calendar. You can change your time zone in user settings.CreateSample6
  2. You can click the arrows to adjust the hours and minutes, and click AM/PM to toggle. You can click the calendar icon above the time to return to the calendar, or click anywhere else on the page to close the calendar popup.CreateSample7
  3. You can scroll down the page and enter values in any of the fields you desire. None of these fields are required, and they can be edited later.CreateSample8
  4. You will find optional fields for choosing the concrete suppliers and mix names that you created earlier.  These fields are located toward the top of the list. You must select a supplier before the mix names will appear.
  5. After selecting a concrete supplier, you can select a mix from that supplier.

  6. Another optional field is for admixtures added on site. You can select up to four admixtures that you created earlier by holding the Ctrl key and clicking to highlight the admixture names.
  7. When you have finished entering data into your desired fields, click the Create button.CreateSample12
  8. When you create a sample, you jump right into the next level of the hierarchy which is the Set or SampleSet.CreateSample13
  9. If you want to learn about creating a set, refer to this article.  Instead of creating a set here, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Sample List link to return to the sample index page.CreateSample14
  10. On the sample index page, you will see your newly created sample.CreateSample20
  11. If you need to edit any of the fields in your sample, click the Edit link to the right of the sample. You can edit all fields until the first specimen from that sample is tested. Once a specimen is tested, Sample Date is locked and cannot be changed.CreateSample21
  12. If you need to delete a sample, click the Details link to the right of the sample. You cannot delete a sample that has sets – you need to delete the sets first.CreateSample22
  13. Scroll to the bottom of the sample details page and click the Delete link.CreateSample23
  14. Scroll to the bottom of the page once more, and click the Delete button to confirm.CreateSample24
  15. If you want to copy a sample, refer to this article.