How do I create a new project in ForneyVault®?

The highest level of the ForneyVault hierarchy is the project.

In order to create your specimens in ForneyVault, you start at the project level. To create a new project:

  1. After logging into ForneyTools, click the Projects link on the left navigation menu then select the + New Project link to begin entering your project data.

  2. Type your project identifier in the Project ID field (it can be alpha-numeric – it doesn't need to be a number).

  3. You can add a description and formal name if you like.
  4. You could choose a client from the dropdown if you created a list of clients earlier (refer to this article to learn about creating clients).
  5. You will see that your default lab is already chosen if you set that up earlier.
  6. Click Submit to create your project.
  7. Your new project will appear on the Projects index page.
  8. Repeat for each of your projects.
  9. If you need to edit a project, click on the field within the project to make the necessary edit. 

  10. When you have finished editing, simply click elsewhere on the page and your edits will be saved.  If you want to cancel your edits, click the cancel icon () button to the right of the project.