ForneyField Tutorial Videos

This collection of ForneyField videos demonstrate how to use the app. Click links below to view videos in the Knowledgebase.

1. Login, Dashboard, Customizing Settings, Add new Projects/Suppliers/Mixes/Admixtures

This video demonstrates how to:

  • Login with your ForneyTools account
  • Use the Dashboard to filter and view samples by Sample status
  • Add new projects, suppliers, concrete mixes, and admixtures
  • Set default language
  • Set default units
  • Customize Sample form by disabling unnecessary data fields.
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2. Sample Search, View, Edit, and Location

This video demonstrates how to:

  • Use the sample search feature and built-in filters
  • Open and view existing samples and sets
  • Edit existing samples and sets
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3. Add Sample, Sets,  and Specimens

This video demonstrates how to:

  • Add a new sample record
  • Add sets for that record according to your test schedule requirements
  • Add specimens to the sets
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4. Sample Workflow In ForneyField and ForneyTools

This video demonstrates how to:

  • Use Sample status for tracking Sample Workflow from casting to lab receipt.
  • Use ForneyTools to Assign field-created samples to a tech.
  • Use ForneyField to update sample status for claim, collected, and delivered.
  • Use ForneyTools to Indicate that a Sample was received at the lab.
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5. Locating Samples in the Field with the GPS Map

This video demonstrates how to:

  •  Locate the curing box of uncollected samples using the GPS Map feature
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