How to use Discard Dashboard™

Concrete labs everywhere know that core samples are the last and least desirable resort. That’s why more and more organizations are finding ways to automate and secure the curing room and cylinder disposal process.

Here’s how it works.

#1. Identify Cylinder

With the support of CMT software, your cylinders will all be tied to unique IDs. So, you can either scan the label on the cylinder or select the specimen ID on a connected tablet or human-machine interface (HMI) to retrieve the full history of tests of a sample.

#2. Select “Manage”

After identifying the cylinder, the screen will show sample history. On that screen, you can select “manage,” which takes you to the automatic discard feature.

#3. View Results & Act

On the screen, you will see one of three results following an easy-to-understand color system.

GREEN: Safe to Discard

Discard Dashboard: Green, Safe to Discard

A green result means the cylinder is safe to discard. Following our example, the average of the three 28-day tests is above 5,000 psi, and there’s not one individual specimen that is less than 5,000 psi. 

YELLOW: Okay to Discard, Requires Verification

Yellow means the cylinder can be discarded according to ACI Standards, but it requires additional confirmation. One specimen in the 28-day set might have broken low (but within ACI’s tolerable range). 

ACI Standards also call for an average of three 28-day results for 4” x 8” cylinders, or two results for 6” x 12” cylinders. If there are 28-day results that meet strength requirements, but there are not the proper number of cylinders tested, the scanned cylinder will be presented in yellow.

At his point, it’s up to the lab to decide if they’re comfortable with these results enough to discard. You have to intentionally decide to “okay” the discard before moving on.

RED: Do Not Discard

If the average of three tests for 4” x 8” cylinders is less than 5,000 psi and/or any individual specimen is less than 4,500 psi, ACI Standards say that the concrete has not met expected strength.

So, the technician will be alerted to hold the cylinder. The technician can change the age to break to a later date from the same screen, reprint the label and set it in the concrete curing room until the next test date to see if it meets the right strength at that time.

There are multiple steps required to discard this cylinder, preventing accidental discard.

Discard Dashboard is a free tool included with ForneyVault that automates and verifies the discard management process of test specimens.

If you’re a current ForneyVault subscriber, check out our Knowledge Base Video to see how you can start using Discard Dashboard today.