Can I continue testing if my machine loses its Internet connection?

Your ForneyVault connected testing machine needs an Internet connection to sync with ForneyVault.

Your machine needs an Internet connection to receive specimens from ForneyVault, and it needs that connection to send test results back to ForneyVault.  That connection, however, does not need to be continuous.

When you create specimens in ForneyVault (via ForneyTools or an API interface), they are immediately available for transfer to the machine. The machine attempts a connection every five minutes and at the end of every test. If there's no Internet connection, the machine simply keeps trying until there is a connection.

Your specimens are typically created in ForneyVault within a day or two from when they are cast.  If you are doing 7-, 14-, or 28-day tests, those specimens should be transferred to the machine long before they need to be tested. If there is no connection on the day of testing, the specimens should already be there and can be tested normally.

After testing, the results will transfer to ForneyVault in the same way - if there's a connection they will transfer immediately. If there's no connection, the machine will attempt a transfer every five minutes.  When a connection is reestablished, the results will successfully transfer to ForneyVault.

You don't lose a day of testing just because the Internet connection in your lab is unreliable. The ForneyVault system is designed to work through temporary Internet outages.